Your Simple, Practical Guide to Creating Safe Passwords

By Plumas Bank October 13, 2022 Cybersecurity

We get it: Passwords can be beyond frustrating — second only to doorbells in commercials, for those of us with dogs.  (Seriously, please STOP with the TV doorbells, as some of us enjoy our calm dogs.) But the need to create, use and remember passwords is a routine part of our online lives. Of course we recommend combining them with some …

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication: Extra Steps, BIG Safety ROI

By Plumas Bank October 5, 2022 Cybersecurity

Cue the balloon drop and confetti: It’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! OK fine, perhaps this national observance is only accompanied by spontaneous dancing in places like your friendly community bank but we do feel it’s a time to shower our valued clients with tips, tricks and ideas to help them be more safe and secure in the online …

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022

By Plumas Bank October 3, 2022 Cybersecurity

Plumas Bank announced that it has signed on as a Champion for Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022. Founded in 2004, Cybersecurity Awareness Month, held each October, is the world’s foremost initiative aimed at promoting cybersecurity awareness and best practices.  “Plumas Bank is proud to be a 2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion …

Greenville Office Opens as Community Meeting Space

By Plumas Bank July 1, 2022 Community banking

When the Dixie Fire devastated Greenville and its surrounding communities, Plumas Bank pledged to help the local area recover, rebuild and revitalize. One year later, this commitment remains.  Plumas Bank opened our Greenville, California branch office in 1985. It became the third branch in our branch network. During the 2021 Dixie Fire, …

Savings Tips to Help Build Financial Resilience

By Plumas Bank February 2, 2022 Money management

Plumas Bank and the nonprofit organization Consumer Federation of America (CFA) are encouraging clients and community members to save money, reduce debt, and build financial resilience. Whether you're saving for an education, homeownership, retirement, a vacation, or to reduce debt - saving even a small amount consistently makes a big difference …