Tips for Business Success - Build a Relationship with Your Community Banker

By BJ North - Plumas Bank EVP and Chief Banking Officer September 28, 2020 Community banking

You’re passionate — maybe even a little bit fanatical — about the potential of your small business.  But you’re clear-headed enough to recognize that you’ll need the support of a good community bank to help you bring the full potential of your small business into reality. The creation of a supportive relationship with your banker …

Cybersecurity 101: Digital Spring Cleaning

By Aaron Boigon - Plumas Bank EVP and Chief Information Officer April 9, 2020 Cybersecurity

You might be thinking of doing some spring cleaning. After all, that house isn’t going to clean itself. Why not use some of this same go-getter spring cleaning attitude to do a little sprucing up of your digital house? Here are a few suggestions about where to start: That Password Mess Let’s face it, you’ve got lousy, weak passwords and you …

How to create passwords that are long, strong and memorable

By Plumas Bank August 2, 2019 Cybersecurity

Experts warn that strong passwords are key to keeping your personal information safe. Here are some helpful tips on how to create long, strong and memorable passwords: Make your passwords: Long and strong - Plumas Bank requires a minimum of 8 characters; however, your password can be as long as 15 characters. Use a random mixture of …