A Message to our Clients

By Andy Ryback - Plumas Bank President and CEO March 13, 2023 Community banking

March 13, 2023 You’ve undoubtedly seen the troubling news stories over the weekend regarding the closure of Silicon Valley Bank headquartered in Santa Clara, California and Signature Bank in New York City. This news may be raising questions for clients across all our communities.  I am reaching out to assure you that Plumas Bank …

Succession Planning Part 2: Revisiting the Plan + Team Dynamics

By Plumas Bank February 27, 2023 Business planning

In our first of this 2-part series on succession planning, we laid the foundation for succession planning — quite literally — by talking about its foundational role as part of the business plan.  But we also discussed the importance of staying flexible; if the past few years have taught small- and medium-sized business owners anything, it’s …

Succession Planning Part 1: Ideal Timing Tips for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

By Plumas Bank February 27, 2023 Business planning

Apple. Gucci. Disney. Starbucks. All big brands with enviable business models, right?  Wrong — or at least as it pertains to succession planning.  All four of these business behemoths experienced serious operational hiccups due to flawed succession planning. And considering corporate giants have been known to undertake succession …

How to Save at Every Age

By Plumas Bank February 16, 2023 Money management

When you’re a child, finding a dollar in the street and adding it to your shiny new bank account may be a major life event. When you’re middle-aged, funneling money into your retirement account feels like a big win. And when you’re retired, having enough money in savings to live comfortably is a major accomplishment. While every stage of life …


Paying Down Debt is a Great Way to Save Money

By Plumas Bank February 10, 2023 Money management

Consider this question: What’s your biggest financial goal — as an individual or a business owner? For many people taking the Consumer Federation of America’s “America Saves Pledge,” one of the top responses: getting out of debt. (The pledge, by the way, is part of America Saves Week — an annual event beginning the last Monday of February and …