Online Banking Learning Center

Watch any of our online banking videos to help make the most of your online banking experience. These videos describe the experience for desktop users. 

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Online Banking Basics


Our homepage is the heart of online banking where you can view account balances, summaries and more.

Account Details

The account details section shows transactions and account details for that account. 


The statements feature is a virtual filing system for your bank statements and saves you paper in your home or office.

Activity Center

All transactions initiated through online banking appear in the activity center. 



Move Money

Quick Transfer

Quick transfer is a simple and fast way to move money between your accounts.

Transfer Funds

You can easily make one-time or recurring transfers between your own accounts.

Add & Verify External Accounts

Link your accounts at other financial institutions to transfer money to them. 

Person-to-Person Transfer

You can quickly and easily send money to friends and family who have existing Plumas Bank accounts using online banking. 



Cancelling Transactions

Cancelling Individual Transactions

You can cancel any transaction up until its process date.

Cancelling Recurring Transactions

You can cancel any recurring transaction up until its process date.