Rooted in Agriculture: Community Banks Plant Seeds of Growth for Farms

By Plumas Bank November 23, 2022 Business loans

In rural farming and ranching operations, many of the day-to-day decisions about business are literally made at the farmhouse table. This is clear in the inspiring story of Plumas Bank client Alberto Medina Lira, who started his life in Mexico, came to the United States as a farm employee, and eventually became the sole proprietor of Monte Vista …

By Your Side

By Plumas Bank November 18, 2022 Business loans

Ranchers and farmers are facing a very specific — yet constantly evolving — set of daily challenges: Some are presented by Mother Nature, others inspired by the land itself, still others controlled by external sources like the economy, market demand and regulations. At the end of the day, Plumas Bank ag clients like Debra Cockrell strive to …


Driving Success, Together

By Plumas Bank November 10, 2022 Business loans

Our ag lenders and clients share a story of deeply entrenched roots — in ranching, in their communities, in their family passion for growing the crops and raising the livestock that’s feeding America.  Meet Ray Orvin Ackley III. Decades ago, Ray’s father drew lucky #6 from a pickle jar and was awarded a Tulelake Basin homestead near the …


Don’t Take the Bait When It Comes to Phishing Scams

By Plumas Bank October 24, 2022 Cybersecurity

Phishing scams get a lot of attention these days — rightly so, as that Nigerian prince is STILL hoping you’ll click the link to wire him that money.  But have you ever wondered why the term is spelled with a “ph” instead of just traditional “fishing”? The term is a nod to “phreaking” — short for “phone freaking,” which was a fraudulent …

Update Your Software and Apps

By Plumas Bank October 19, 2022 Cybersecurity

You know those update notifications you routinely get on smartphones and computers — the ones that often appear as one of many things to add to your never-ending to-do list? People typically respond in one of two ways:  Camp 1: You despise them. In fact, seeing them makes you grumpy, it adds to your stress of things undone and unmanaged, …