Community Strong Certificate of Deposit

We’re celebrating the opening of our 15th full-service branch in Chico, California by offering a promotional CD. Because of local families and businesses who choose Plumas Bank, we’re able to grow, expand and remain strong for all the communities we serve.

7- or 11-month CD with 4.08% APY 

  • Promotion effective 4/1/23.
  • To earn stated Annual Percentage Yield (APY), a minimum CD deposit of $10,000 is required.
  • New money only. New money is defined as deposits not previously held at Plumas Bank or Plumas Bank CDs that are maturing during this promotion on or after April 1, 2023. 
  • APY is compounded daily and assumes principal and interest remain on deposit at the same rate for 7 or 11 months. Upon maturity, the Certificate of Deposit will roll into a regular CD with the same term at the prevailing rate. Early withdrawal is subject to penalty. 
  • Limited time offer that may be withdrawn at any time. Other applicable fees, terms and details may apply. Member FDIC.
  • Refer to Account Information and Fees & Charges Disclosures.

To open your Community Strong CD, visit your local branch.

Plumas Bank branch locations 

Certificate of Deposit FAQs

  • Why would someone get a CD?

    You might want to get a CD because it’s considered a low-risk savings product. Having a CD guarantees a specific return on your money. Plumas Bank CDs are also insured by the FDIC up to the allowable limits, so your money is protected.

  • How does money grow in a CD?

    CDs are another type of savings account. Money grows in CDs by compounding. Compounding means your interest earns interest.

  • Is the interest on a CD reportable?

    Yes, interest earnings are reportable on Form 1099-INT provided earnings are at least $10.

  • How would I renew a CD?

    An important feature of a CD is that when the CD term ends (called the CD Maturity Date), if you do not make changes, the CD will automatically renew for the same term at the interest rate available at that time. The CD may renew for the next nearest term if that term is no longer available. Once your CD renews, the funds will be locked once again for a new term until the next CD Maturity Date. If you don’t want your CD to automatically renew, you will have up to a 10-calendar day period (called the Grace Period) to close the CD without penalty. During the Grace Period, you also can make changes such as adding or withdrawing money from your CD, or changing to a different term. If you complete one of those actions, your Grace Period will end, your opening date will reset and a new CD Maturity Date will apply.

    Before your CD matures, Plumas Bank will remind you of your upcoming CD maturity by sending you a CD Notice of Maturity approximately 10 days before your CD Maturity Date.