Rooted in Agriculture: Community Banks Plant Seeds of Growth for Farms

By Plumas Bank November 23, 2022 Business loans

In rural farming and ranching operations, many of the day-to-day decisions about business are literally made at the farmhouse table. This is clear in the inspiring story of Plumas Bank client Alberto Medina Lira, who started his life in Mexico, came to the United States as a farm employee, and eventually became the sole proprietor of Monte Vista Nursery — a farm in McArthur, Calif., specializing in strawberry stock plants.

But this obstacle-laden transition from immigrant to ranch worker to rural farm owner may not have been fully realized without Lira’s drive and dedication — and the support of a community bank. Plumas Bank’s deep regional roots and relationship banking philosophy inspired Lira’s local banker and agricultural loan officer to learn his story, ultimately providing the financial support necessary to help Lira accomplish his goals. 

Plumas Bank in Independent Banker magazine

In this article that originally appeared in Independent Banker Magazine, Lira discusses the benefits of being a Plumas Bank client, noting that it was his personal relationship with the bank — and ultimately, his bank’s ability to look beyond the surface and dig into the details — that helped him transform his dream into reality. 


Plumas Bank agriculture lenders are from generations of farm and ranch workers, which gives them an intimate awareness of the challenges and realities ag operators face on a daily basis. 

Learn more about Alberto’s operation and discover what Independent Banker Magazine calls “Community bank’s role in rural prosperity.”