Local Bank, Local Decisions

By chris May 15, 2023 Community banking

For years, Butte County rice farmer Larry Hansen has been able to count on Plumas Bank — in good times and in times of struggle. 

“Even when I was in dire straits, because sometimes we make good money, and sometimes we don’t,” Hansen reflects. “And when we didn’t, Plumas Bank was there to get me through to another year.” 

Certainly, farmers like Hansen need to be able to rely on solid resources to bridge the ebbs and flows most often ushered in by factors outside of their control, like nature. But it’s more than money that allows them to have confidence in their financial resilience. 

“It’s just the relationship I have with the lenders there,” he says of his connection to Plumas Bank’s team. “I feel like they’re my friends, and they’re my family. And so, that just makes business easy.”

Now, Hansen, along with Chico’s other residents and business owners, have a full-service bank in their own community — complete with a local banking team able to make decisions quickly, who know the nuances of their neighborhoods, and can help them grow their businesses. 

Learn more about this unique approach to banking — one that is free of teller lines and instead focuses on individual touch and community connection. And meet the Chico team that is there to welcome Butte County residents to their personalized Plumas Bank experience. 

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