Driving Success, Together

By Plumas Bank November 10, 2022 Business loans

Our ag lenders and clients share a story of deeply entrenched roots — in ranching, in their communities, in their family passion for growing the crops and raising the livestock that’s feeding America. 

Meet Ray Orvin Ackley III. Decades ago, Ray’s father drew lucky #6 from a pickle jar and was awarded a Tulelake Basin homestead near the Oregon-California border. Later they established Dry Lake Ranch — a family operation currently managed by Ray and his son Orvin Ray “Lucky.”

Less than two hours away near the California-Nevada border, Cassie Oyarzun was raised on her family’s ranch. As a teen she took out a loan to buy yearlings to pay for her future college education. Years later, Cassie’s own children are now the seventh generation to learn the ways of working the family’s land.  

But Ray and Cassie share more than these deep ranching roots. Cassie is also a Regional Ag Loan Officer for Plumas Bank, making her Ray’s trusted business advisor and banking consultant. It is Cassie’s real-life experience in ranching that makes her an invaluable resource as Ray tackles the business challenges of running a ranch, and it’s Ray’s trust in Cassie’s industry expertise that reinforce their bond of mutual respect. 

And Cassie’s loan to buy yearlings when she was just a teen? Secured from Plumas Bank, of course. Because Plumas Bank believes in the future and importance of the ag industry and a lending relationship that drives mutual success. 

Meet the people who are producing our nation’s food and learn more about their profound pride in the ranches and communities they call home. 

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