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Financial Literacy is Key to Effective Money Management for Teens

By chris April 4, 2023 Money management

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan once stated, “Financial education is a process that should begin at an early age and continue throughout life. This cumulative process builds the skills necessary for making critical financial decisions.” At Plumas Bank we understand the importance of helping our community’s youth build a strong …


How to Save at Every Age

By Plumas Bank February 16, 2023 Money management

When you’re a child, finding a dollar in the street and adding it to your shiny new bank account may be a major life event. When you’re middle-aged, funneling money into your retirement account feels like a big win. And when you’re retired, having enough money in savings to live comfortably is a major accomplishment. While every stage of life …


Paying Down Debt is a Great Way to Save Money

By Plumas Bank February 10, 2023 Money management

Consider this question: What’s your biggest financial goal — as an individual or a business owner? For many people taking the Consumer Federation of America’s “America Saves Pledge,” one of the top responses: getting out of debt. (The pledge, by the way, is part of America Saves Week — an annual event beginning the last Monday of February and …


Savings Tips to Help Build Financial Resilience

By Plumas Bank February 2, 2022 Money management

Plumas Bank and the nonprofit organization Consumer Federation of America (CFA) are encouraging clients and community members to save money, reduce debt, and build financial resilience. Whether you're saving for an education, homeownership, retirement, a vacation, or to reduce debt - saving even a small amount consistently makes a big difference …


Save Money Automatically

By Plumas Bank February 1, 2022 Money management

What’s the Easiest Way to Save?  The easiest and most effective way to save is automatically. This is how millions of employees save through 401(k) and other retirement programs at work. If you’re intimidated, start small.  How to Save Automatically Automatic savings means you have a process in place to save at regular …