By Your Side

By Plumas Bank November 18, 2022 Business loans

Ranchers and farmers are facing a very specific — yet constantly evolving — set of daily challenges: Some are presented by Mother Nature, others inspired by the land itself, still others controlled by external sources like the economy, market demand and regulations.

At the end of the day, Plumas Bank ag clients like Debra Cockrell strive to trust in something steadfast and secure — namely, that their lenders have the knowledge to help them through challenges and the resources to guide them when the going gets tough.

“If we’re in a bad situation and we need it, we are happy to know we have a bank that has our back,” says Cockrell, who owns and operates the family-run Cockrell Ranch and High Desert Lodging in Surprise Valley, California.

She points to the “one-on-one, personal customer service” provided by Plumas Bank ag lender John Rayl as one of the critical sources of her stability. Learn more about Plumas Bank’s relationship-based banking model, one that pairs our region’s dedicated farmers and ranchers with agriculture lenders who literally and figuratively dig in — to fully understand their clients’ operations and help support their business needs.


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