Positive Pay FAQs

Positive Pay is a Business Online Banking Fraud Protection solution designed to help keep your monetary assets safe from unauthorized, altered, fraudulent or counterfeit checks.

Q: How do I sign up for Positive Pay?

Contact your nearest Plumas Bank branch and sign a Positive Pay Agreement. 

Q: How do I access Positive Pay?

You can access Positive Pay by logging into your Plumas Bank Business Online Banking account.

Q: Do I need special software?

There is no need for special software or custom interface. Positive Pay can accept any format your business software currently provides, just as long as it includes the check number, issued date and amount, and the format remains consistent (Microsoft Excel is preferred, if available).

Q: What is an exception?

Exceptions are:

  • Checks which have never been on an issued check file.
  • Items that are duplicates of ones that have been paid.
  • Items with no check number, check number does not match or zero for a check number.
  • Items with amounts that don’t match the issued file.
  • Stale dated items.

Q: What are the time requirements?

Issued check files can be sent electronically before 4 pm on any given business day. You will receive an e-mail by 9 am each business day if exceptions were found in nightly check processing. You have until 11 am to make the decision. Our default is to return the exception item.

Q: What reports are available?

The Positive Pay system provides several reports including outstanding issued checks, cleared checks, exception items, voided and stopped items and stale dated checks. In addition, a maintenance activity log is available which lists the maintenance and who made the final decision. All of these reports are designed to keep you on top of your account.

Q: How much will this service cost my business?

Plumas Bank’s pricing structure is very competitive in our banking markets. The cost for Positive Pay is $50 per month per account. There is no set up fee and no per item fee. And, we are so confident that you’ll appreciate the benefits of this service, we encourage you to try it and we'll waive the service fee for the first three months.