Welcome Yuba City
Bank of Feather River joins Plumas Bank

UPDATE: 11/16/21

The final stages of our system conversion took place this weekend. Overall, the system conversion went smoothly for the majority of Yuba City clients, and we appreciate everyone’s patience. There are some unanticipated items that are impacting a limited number of clients and we’re working diligently to assist those individuals. This is our top priority to resolve.


•    Our ATM at Yuba City is now online and fully functional. Clients can make withdrawls and deposits, transfer funds and see their balances.

To use your new Plumas Bank ATM debit card: 
Clients who had active Bank of Feather River ATM debit cards received new Plumas Bank ATM debit cards at their primary mailing address along with a temporary debit card PIN number. 

  • To activate your a new card, call the 800 number on the back of your debit card and have your temporary passcode handy. 
  • If you do not have the temporary passcode that was mailed to you, you will need to either come into the branch or call Plumas Bank's Client Resource Center at 888.3PLUMAS (888.375.8627). 

These delays and outstanding items are temporary. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience to our clients who are affected, and we are working to quickly to assist.


We're excited to welcome the Yuba-Sutter community to the Plumas Bank network. The conversion of Bank of Feather River accounts to Plumas Bank’s existing system will complete by November 15, 2021. Our goal is to make the conversion as seamless as possible for clients at our newest location in Yuba City.

Starting in October, Yuba City clients will begin receiving packets of information sent to their primary mailing address. Learn more. This important information provides all the details of the account conversion and steps clients need to complete. We're dedicated to keeping you informed about the account conversion. 


Bank of Feather River clients can expect to receive the same excellent, community-based services you've always received.

  • The team you know and trust will continue serving you under the name Plumas Bank. 
  • Your favorite personal banker will still be available to assist you with your every day banking needs. 
  • Your trusted loan officer will still be handling your loan - now with more tools in their toolbox. 

While Bank of Feather River will be owned and operated by Plumas Bank, the conversion of your accounts to Plumas Bank's existing system will happen in November 2021. Essentially, while you'll start seeing the Plumas Bank name and begin to learn more about Plumas Bank's network of services, you won't notice much difference in how you access your day-to-day banking. Our goal is to make this conversion as seamless as possible for clients at our newest location in Yuba City. 

View a letter to Bank of Feather River clients released June 10, 2021. 

View a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the merger. 

View the client welcome letter to current Bank of Feather River clients.