Savings Tips to Help Build Financial Resilience

Plumas Bank and the nonprofit organization Consumer Federation of America (CFA) are encouraging clients and community members to save money, reduce debt, and build financial resilience. We are sharing savings tips throughout the month of February and culminating with America Saves Week February 21 - 25. Whether you're saving for an education, homeownership, retirement, a vacation, or to reduce debt - saving even a small amount consistently makes a big difference over time.

Save Money Automatically
There are several ways that each person can automatically save money using direct deposit and/or leveraging a 401k or other retirement account.

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Tips to Help You Reduce Debt and Pay It Off for Good
One of the greatest contributors to financial stress is debt. If you're having a tough time financially, you’re not alone - 80 percent of Americans have consumer debt. The best way to relieve financial stress is to make a plan and work your way through it.

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Saving for the Unexpected isn’t just for Emergencies
If saving for an emergency has been a struggle for you, would it be easier to reframe saving for emergencies to saving for opportunities? We think so and invite you to create your own “Opportunity Fund.”

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6 Steps to Jumpstart Your Retirement Journey
While saving for retirement can be difficult, especially when you are in your 20s, 30s and 40s, starting early allows you to reach your retirement goals more easily. The important thing to remember is that it’s never too late to start saving for retirement!

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Questions to Ask Yourself when Saving for Retirement
Retirement is the one major life milestone that you can’t borrow for – Ready to set a goal and make a plan to retire on your own terms? Here are some questions to help you take that first step to saving for retirement.  

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Creating a Budget for your Family
It’s always the right time to create a saving and spending plan (aka budget). It’s also a good idea to revisit that plan annually or when a major shift occurs in your income or expenses.

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