Remote Deposit

Are you tired of making that daily dash to the bank to deposit your checks? With Remote Deposit, you can scan and submit your checks electronically from the convenience of your place of business or home. No more wondering whether traffic or bad weather will delay timely posting of deposits. No more waiting in line. ‘No more playing beat the clock.’

Depositing your checks remotely is largely made possible by “Check 21” legislation. Check 21 gives us the opportunity to replace labor-intensive, paper-based check processes with quicker, safer, image-based handling and clearing services. The result is faster deposits, more efficient collections, and a tremendous convenience for you and your business.

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  • How It Works

    Scan your customers’ check in the comfort of your office.

    Balance your deposit to ensure accuracy.

    Submit your deposits electronically. It’s simple and secure.

    You’re Done! Your deposits are promptly credited to your account.

  • Features & Benefits

    Convenience - No more daily trips to the branch. Deposit check right from your desktop.

    Simplicity – Remote Deposit operates on your Windows-based PC with a USB cable and a scanner. Scanner provided by Plumas Bank.

    Saves Time & Money - Save time and expense when deposit preparation time and bank runs are eliminated. Remote Deposit also improves efficiencies with check image storage/retrieval and historical deposit activity reporting.

    Better Use of Funds – The ability to deposit checks more quickly may translate into improved account balances and better availability of your funds.

    Consolidation – Checks received through any remote or branch office/store locations can be deposited through one banking institution/account, simplifying bank reconciliation processes.

    Easy Updating – Upload and import files to your current commercial accounts receivable system.

  • Remote Deposit F.A.Q.

    Can I make deposits from outside the local area?

    Absolutely! This is one of the best features of the Remote Deposit system. Items can be scanned and deposited electronically from anywhere, even another state altogether.

    How much will it cost?

    Business Checking Account Analysis is required. All fees may be offset by credits earned through Account Analysis. Most businesses pay little or no fees based on the average deposit balances they keep in their accounts. The resulting savings stays where it belongs… in your pocket!

    How will my deposit be transmitted to the bank?

    Using a high-speed internet connection (such as DSL for example), and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

    How late can I make a deposit?

    Same day credit cut off items: Monday-Thursday 5pm and Friday 6pm

    How do I sign up for Remote Deposit?

    Visit your local Plumas Bank office or call 1.888.3PLUMAS (375.8627) for details.