Welcome to an Updated PlumasBank.com 

We’re live! We hope you’re noticing a few updates and changes to plumasbank.com. We’ve made our website easier to navigate, enhanced our online features, and gave the site a little polish to look bright and fresh. 

Take a closer look and you’ll find some new features: 

  • Online Transaction Menu: We’ve added a convenient dropdown menu within the website header so clients can access their online transactions all in one place. In this menu, you’ll find your online banking login, pay a loan portal, ACH remote deposit function, tax payments and more. 
  • Enhanced Search Function: Our Smart Search function offers handy links to key content when you’re looking for common items like loans or accounts. 
  • Webforms: Now there are more ways to contact us with easy-to-use forms that will get your comment or question to the appropriate team member faster.
  • Comparison tables: We’ve added a few helpful tables so clients can compare and contrast account types and products. Our goal is to make it easier for clients to find content, make decisions and get your work done quickly.
  • A little shine and polish means we’ve updated our website look and feel. We’ve added new photos, updated our colors and page layout, and added more visuals so clients can navigate content easily.
  • Navigation Menus: It is now easier to navigate with intuitive and robust navigation menus. Plus, the Information on many pages has been streamlined for easier consumption.

Many of the improvements were taken from our website survey conducted earlier this year. Thank you to all our clients and website visitors who gave us feedback about plumasbank.com as we planned for our website refresh. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact our Client Resource Center or your local branch. We’re here to help. 

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the refreshed website.

-Plumas Bank Marketing Team