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At Plumas Bank, we’re the right choice for businesses who want a banker in their corner to help them navigate their business growth and challenges. Our bank executives, loan officers and local business advisors work with you to offer insights about bank services, products and lending opportunities that help local business owners succeed. Meet the experts at Plumas Bank. We look forward to serving you.


Andy Ryback | President & CEO | Plumas Bank

Relationship Banking Shines in a Recession

Recessions are the true tests of banking relationships. They are the moments when small businesses need an ally and a true partner more than ever before. They are make-or-break times when a strong relationship with a local bank can make the ultimate difference...  READ MORE


Sarena Barker | SVP, Electronic Banking | Plumas Bank

Advancing Online Banking: Consumer Adoption Leaps Forward During the Pandemic 

Here’s the moment I knew our bank’s investment in online and mobile banking had made all the difference for our community: One of our longstanding clients at Plumas Bank, a gentleman who began banking... READ MORE


Teresa Courrier | SVP, Commercial Loan Officer | Plumas Bank

All About Lines of Credit - Are They The Right Moves for Your Business? 

Well-managed companies who are growing and reaching for that next level often find themselves stretched thin financially as they wait for customers to pay them, and they turn to their banker for a line of credit... READ MORE


Rodney Borges | SVP, Small Business Lending Manager | Plumas Bank

Is an SBA loan right for your business?

Loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration can provide a portion of the capital you need to kickstart your business and help it succeed. This guide will help you understand when to access SBA loans, from what they are to which small businesses qualify.... READ MORE

Today's SBA Loans Can Spur Years of Growth

If I’ve learned one thing in my nearly three decades in banking, it’s this:  People like money that’s almost free. A lot. So it’s not surprising that lenders who are skilled in Small Business Administration lending are exceptionally busy right now, working with borrowers... READ MORE


BJ North | EVP, Chief Banking Officer | Plumas Bank

Tips for Business Success: Build a Relationship with Your Community Banker

You’re passionate — maybe even a little bit fanatical — about the potential of your small business. But you’re clear-headed enough to recognize that you’ll need the support of a good community bank to help you bring the full potential of your small business into reality... READ MORE


Ty Nebe | SVP, Commercial Loan Officer | Plumas Bank

Borrow Inexpensive Money? Expect Hard Questions, Too

As of August of 2020, businesses could borrow money through a popular Small Business Administration loan program for a lower interest rate than their owners would have paid for a 30-year mortgage on their personal home — an absolutely stunning turn of events... READ MORE


Aaron Boigon | EVP, Chief Information Officer | Plumas Bank

Protecting Your Business from Phishing Attacks

So, there was the time that your company had a presentation about the dangers of phishing during a staff meeting … Oh.  You didn’t? A training session on phishing doesn’t need to be boring — YouTube is full of examples of ways to do it well — and the subject needs to be addressed regularly at any company that cares about its security, its finances and its reputation...  READ MORE

Online banking usage has never been higher, thanks to the pandemic

As access to mobile devices and high speed internet connectivity has grown exponentially year over year, so too has the need for businesses to undergo processes of digital transformation in order to meet the needs of increasingly internet-savvy consumers... READ MORE