The Community Reinvestment Act Overview

Under the Federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), the Federal Reserve Board (Board) evaluates Plumas Bank’s record of helping to meet the credit needs of the communities we serve consistent with safe and sound banking practices. The Board takes the Bank’s record into consideration when evaluating applications to add, relocate, or close branches and in application for bank mergers or acquisitions. Under the CRA, the following information must be maintained in a public file, current as of April 1 of each year:  

Complete Community Reinvestment Act Public File

Plumas Bank is pleased to provide this information for public inspection under the Community Reinvestment Act. Any comments or questions about this portion of the Plumas Bank website or about Plumas Bank CRA performance may be addressed to:

Community Reinvestment Act Officer
PO Box 210
Quincy, CA 95971