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Success in business often begins with a productive banking relationship. At Plumas Bank, we offer fast answers, local business expertise, exceptional personal service, and a full array of business banking services. We have the right people and the right services your business needs to succeed.

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  • Online Banking

    Online Banking is a convenient, time-saving service for Plumas Bank business customers. It helps you effectively manage your money in today's business world.

    Online Banking for Business offers the ability to originate wire transfers, input stop payments, create multiple users and control their access, and it provides more download features.

    Business Online Banking agreement/application

  • eStatements

    Sign up today, simplify your life and help protect the environment

    eStatements are:

    • CONVENIENT - Access, view, print and download your current eStatement
    • FAST – Your statement arrives sooner, right at your fingertips
    • FREE – No cost to enroll
    • SECURE – Your information is protected with your online banking ID, password, and by industry standard encryption measures
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Reduce clutter and the need to store paper files

    Plumas Bank offers electronic statements for your personal and business accounts.

    • Receive an email notification when your statement is available
    • Access statements online for up to 12 months and notices for up to 60 days
    • Check Images are optional
    • Decrease your exposure to mail fraud and identity theft

    Enrollment is quick and easy!

    To Enroll: Just log in to your online banking account at and click on "Settings" on middle left hand side of screen, then click on "Statement Delivery".

    If you need assistance signing up for eStatements please contact us at: 1.888.3PLUMAS (375.8627).

    We're here for you and we're happy to help!

  • ACH Web

    Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Web is an electronic payment system that allows Plumas Bank business customers to electronically debit and credit checking and savings accounts. It is convenient, cost-efficient and time-saving. You can rest assured that ACH Web is safe and secure. Plumas Bank employs state-of-the-art technology to keep your information secure. All sensitive information is encrypted. We provide you with simple, user-friendly, powerful, and secure ACH tools that make banking easier for your business.

    Benefits of Direct Deposit:

    • Reduced costs – Fewer checks to buy, lower account charges, lower costs for check distribution
    • Increased efficiency – Eliminates time to print and sign checks; easier and quicker check disbursement; eliminates lost/stolen paycheck problems; reduces the need for storage space for cancelled checks
    • Increased employee benefits – No need to make a trip to cash or deposit checks; increased confidentiality of payroll; eliminates payroll problems for sick, traveling, or vacationing employees

    Benefits of Direct Payment:

    • Reduced costs for billing (invoice printing, return envelopes, postage, etc.)
    • Improved cash flow – Immediate access to the funds on the date due; credit account is known in advance
    • Increased efficiency – Eliminates time to create invoices; fewer incoming checks to process
    • Improved delinquency ratio – Receive more payments on time

    Call us today to schedule a meeting to discuss ACH transactions. We can come to your office to discuss your specific needs. It may be the most profitable call you make this year.

  • Business BillPay

    Welcome to Plumas Bank Business BillPay

    (includes Sole Proprietorships)

    Offered free of charge to our Business Customers!


    Business BillPay lets you quickly and conveniently pay anyone online that you pay today by check. Handling all your business payments online means more time spent on revenue-producing tasks.

    To apply for Business BillPay complete the first three steps of the online enrollment form and then follow the fourth step's instructions to continue with the enrollment process. Bring the forms to your local branch, within two weeks you will receive your welcome kit with all the information you need to begin Business BillPay.

    Business BillPay features:

    • Administrate three levels of authorized users with dual control features.
    • Pay any person or company in the U.S. except court-ordered payments and state and federal tax payments.
    • Receive and pay e-Bills online.
    • Schedule repeating payments.
    • Electronically link invoice and credit memo information with your payments.
    • Export your payment information by creating Quicken®, QuickBooks®, or Microsoft® Money import files.

    Security: Data is transmitted securely via SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption, which ensures that your connections and information are secure from outside inspection. The 128-bit encryption makes your information unreadable as it passes over the Internet. In addition, you are automatically signed out of a session if you are inactive longer than ten minutes.

    System requirements: 128-bit encryption standard.

  • Mobile Banking

    Get Connected...Mobile Banking with Apps!

    Plumas Bank's Mobile Banking allows you to access your Plumas Bank accounts on-the-go; anywhere, anytime through your mobile phone! We also have Apps for your smartphone for quick, easy, and secure access!

    Whether you're at work, school, relaxing at the lake, or on the ski slopes, managing your money has never been easier. There is no fee to use or access Plumas Bank’s Mobile Banking service. Check with your wireless provider for more information about fees for internet access from your mobile phone.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Access any of your Plumas Bank accounts anytime, anywhere
    • Review balances and details in real time safely and securely
    • View pending items and history
    • Transfer funds instantly
    • Send or Receive secure messages to/from Plumas Bank
    • View ATM/Branch locations
    • Commercial customers can create and approve single ACH/Domestic wires from existing
    • Free* for all Plumas Bank Online Banking customers

    *Internet service plan is required; your mobile carrier's text messaging and web access charges and data rates may apply.

    Enroll in Mobile Banking and download your Apple or Android App:

    You must first enroll in Plumas Bank's Online Banking before you can access Mobile Banking. If you are a current Online Banking customer you may enroll (opt-in) for Mobile Banking. After logging in to your Online Banking profile, you can choose Mobile under the Preferences menu.

    Other Mobile Banking Details:

    Before using Mobile Banking, please note:

    Security is taken most seriously at Plumas Bank. We use industry standard practices to maintain the privacy and security of your information so that you will feel safe using mobile banking anytime.

    • 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption
    • No information is stored on the mobile device
    • Account numbers are masked
    • A password is required each time you log in
    • Transactions that move money require a confirmation code
    • Session timeouts will occur after a period of inactivity
    • Switching to another application will automatically log you out of the Plumas Bank app
    • The Mobile Banking interface has been formatted to fit the screen size of your mobile phone. As a result, some information or numbers you see may be abbreviated.
    • Although Mobile Banking is completely free to all Plumas Bank Online Banking customers, your mobile carrier's text messaging and web access charges may apply.
    • The Plumas Bank Online Banking Terms and Conditions are applicable to Plumas Bank Mobile Banking.

    Mobile Deposit & Mobile BillPay

    Bank anytime and anywhere! Deposit a check by snapping a photo with any mobile device; and pay bills too!

    Must be enrolled in online banking first; then it’s quick and easy to sign-up for these time and cost-saving tools. Plumas Bank does not charge for these services; however, device service provider fees may apply.

    Plumas Bank Mobile Deposit Agreement

  • P2P Payments - Pay anyone with your debit card

    When family or friends need money quickly, you can turn to person-to-person payments. You may be able to even send a payment to small service provider like a lawn service or home repair business.

    It’s simple to set up, and even easier to send money. And with Plumas Bank’s online banking you can do it all from the convenience of your desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone.

    This is a great way to send money to loved ones on birthdays and other special events, or help someone suddenly stranded and in need of an automotive repair. Lots of possibilities will present themselves, and this option will come in handy.

    Person to Person Payments Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :


    Who can use person-to-person payments? Consumer and Business Plumas Bank customers that utilize Plumas Bank’s Online Banking.

    What are some of the reasons to use person-to-person payments? To quickly send money to family and friends in an emergency or on a special occasion like a birthday or holiday.

    What are some of the high-level features and benefits of person-to-person payments?

    • Included with online banking
    • Easy to set up, and easy to use
    • Send money quickly (near-real-time in some cases)
    • Convenient: Send money from desktop, tablet or mobile phone
    • No networks to register with or join
    • Highly secure

    What mobile devices can be used? iOS and Android devices are supported.


    What do I need to send payments?

    1. A debit card.
    2. The recipients’ name, and email address or mobile phone number.

    Where can I send payments to? Send payments to just about anyone in the U.S.


    How is a recipient notified? Via email or SMS they will be informed that funds are available. Typically, an embedded link is then activated to the website of the sender’s financial institution.


    How quickly will a recipient receive funds? For recipients with a debit card on a supported network, funds availability will be practically real-time. Other recipients should see funds deposited in 1-2 business days (via ACH).


    Tell me more about security. Payment requests are validated via a secure online PIN pad, along with all the authentication measures of our digital branch.

  • Positive Pay

    Positive Pay is a new Business Online Banking Fraud Protection solution designed to help keep your monetary assets safe from Unauthorized, Altered, Fraudulent or Counterfeit Checks.

    How it Works:

    By simply uploading an Issued Check data file daily, the Positive Pay system will reference your issued check information and compare it against checks that are cleared on your account. Checks that exactly match the information you provide will automatically pass through the system to be paid. Checks that do not exactly match the information in your issued check file can be reviewed by you and you can decide to Pay or Return the item. The process automatically alerts you by e-mail if exception items require a pay or return decision. You simply log on to the website, review the exception report and make the decision to pay or return the item electronically.

    Positive Pay also offers an intuitive Account Reconciliation tool allowing you to easily balance your account by keeping track of checks that have been paid or not paid with export capabilities to your Accounting Software.

    Positive Pay is designed for companies that write a large number of checks or write checks for large dollar amounts. Examples of companies that may find it useful are: municipalities, title companies, school districts, and homeowner's associations.

    Positive Pay keeps you in control of your Business Checking Account AND your assets.

    To find out how you can sign up for Positive Pay for your business, please call 1.888.3PLUMAS (375.8627) today!

    You can also access FAQ's about Positive Pay.

  • Person to Person Transfer

    A Person to Person Transfer is a free service that allows you to move money to the accounts of other Plumas Bank customers that have online banking. You can transfer money from your personal accounts to the personal checking, savings or Money Market account(s) of another Plumas Bank customer. You can make a one time transfer or recurring transfers; these are limited to credit only. Transfers require preliminary verification of the receiving Account Holder's email address and the last 4 digits of their Plumas Bank account number.

    To enroll in Person to Person Transfers:

    • Click the Services tab from the menu
    • Choose Other Services
    • Click on Person to Person Transfer; then click the Continue button
    • Choose, Make a single transfer to another account holder, click the Continue button
  • External Funds Transfer

    External Funds Transfer is available for the transfer of funds from your account at Plumas Bank to an account that you are an owner of at another financial/investment institution. Transfers must be $25,000.00 or less. To transfer funds over $25,000.00 please contact your local Plumas Bank branch for alternative options.